Spa Trends for 2011

This 2011, expect a surge in the spa industry, with the growth of more spa, wellness and beauty aficionados in Singapore and around the world. 

With the growing interest of the older men and women in anti-ageing and spa remedies, many spas are now catering their services to these baby boomers.  In Singapore, where spas and salons definitely have a huge market share, we can expect an explosive growth in the variety and diversity of spa treatments.  Furthermore, with the growth of tourism in Singapore due to the newly-opened Universal Studios, Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands, spas and salons will be getting more competitive with each other, trying to catch the weary tourists’ eyes.

Gone will be the days that consumers will simply drop by the spa nearest their homes.  Branding and social media feedback will now play major roles in how a consumer chooses his or her spa.  Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow direct interaction among consumers and spa goers, allowing people to make sound judgments and informed decisions.

In 2011, spas will appreciate coupons, and so will the consumers.  Internet coupons and online group buying will conquer the spa scene.  People will naturally try something if it is at a lesser price.  With the new fast paced lifestyle, spas are catering their services to the customers who have lots of money to spend on spas yet have very little time.  Many mini treatments are slowly emerging.  Many spas are also opening late and closing very late as well.  Airport spas are now slowly becoming a worldwide trend.

Many customers seek special rewards for being loyal to a particular spa.  That is why more and more spas will probably hold special events that will boost their customer’s loyalty, enjoyment and their overall experience.